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Fresh & Fruity - My 3-Day Juice Cleanse

Most of us are doing our share of spring cleaning, but I didn't want to stop with just my house. Mainly because I don't have a house, just a room. So I finished quickly and got bored. 

The people over at The Real Juice were having a fantastic deal on cleanses and I realized that I also want to clean my innards! 

And, people, it's as gross as it sounds. Take this quote from the handy guide The Real Juice sent along with my order confirmation and instructions:

"The toxins in your body come from the foods and beverages you consume as well as
pollutants in the water and air. Combine those with a multitude of things found in
over-the-counter and prescription medicines and you’ve got yourself a pretty stellar 
toxin cocktail that you’ve been ingesting daily."


I was lucky enough to meet Shila from The Real Juice at an event focused around The Golden Globes, and she recommended a two day cleanse. I completed that back in February and I am hooked. The juices are so very tasty and I remember feeling great and craving more fresh fruits and veggies after just two days. So, this time, I opted for the three day version to really clear out all of the mess I've been eating. (Cookie dough milkshakes, I'm talking to you.) A lot of friends asked me for details about my cleanse, so I thought this time I would share the whole experience on my blog. 

First - I learned from the helpful pre-cleanse email they send - you must work your way in to the cleanse. No eating gluten free chocolate chip cookies right up to day one. So today I had my fruit smoothie that I have every morning (which is slightly cheating because it contains yogurt. Sorry.), a spinach salad without all the cheesy goodness and steamed veggies for dinner. 

You might be wondering why I chose to do a juice cleanse instead of just switching up my diet gradually or doing one of those fad lemonade fast diets. 1) Changing your diet is difficult. Did you know that we should be eating five to thirteen servings of fruits and veggies daily? Incorporate THAT in your life and tell me how easy it is. 2) Fad diets are fads for a reason. They usually aren't healthy and don't have lasting results. 

Perks of The Real Juice cleanse:

The Real Juice makes juices with 100% cold-pressed juice that's unpasteurized. This keeps all those yummy vitamins and minerals right there in the juice. They have pretty high-tech juicers that have hydraulic presses to squeeze every last dag-blasted nutrient out of those fruits and vegetables. Something super cool is that the juicers at The Real Juice have been tested and proven to be the best method for juicing on the market today based on the sheer amount of nutrients that remain in the juice verses competitors. They also use local, California-grown produce!

Fruit-based juices clean the body and replenish it with natural carbs and sugars while the vegetable juices rebuild and regenerate. Cleanses from The Real Juice were designed by holistic wellness experts to ensure you're getting everything your body needs. 

Today I feel: hungry. I really can't wait to have a juice every few hours because raw foods alone don't fill me up. I honestly don't think I am getting enough calories today. That's my bad, I could certainly be taking in more. I can smell sugar from miles away because I'm craving it so much. I'm the girl that has a hot chocolate everyday. That's not an exaggeration. Sugar is the hardest habit for me to kick.

Bring on the juices!


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