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Last Wk in Pix - 2x2 Cali Life Doesn't Suck

It's been awhile since you've seen a 'Last Week in Pix' post, huh? 
Get excited. I'm actually going to go back almost three weeks because - let's be honest - I've been slacking. 

Three weeks ago (almost) I went to a Hollywood mansion called Hancock Park Estate for a gifting suite. This was purely for work, promise. This place was pretty sweet, even if the event left something to be desired. 

Then, two weeks ago I went to not one...

not two...

not even three...

but four live shows, 

and here's the kicker: in just FOUR DAYS.  Lots of time in Pomona, but I also finally went to the Troubadour! See all the highlights from +The Postal Service , +Modest Mouse , Dinosaur, Jr/King Tuff and Little Green Cars over at +Miranda Enzor's blog The Good Groupie. Thanks for letting me be a #guestgroupie! 

I was exhausted by Friday. It definitely ignited my live show appetite, though, and I'm trying to figure out how to get to another show sometime soon. 

Oh, and I discovered today's equivalent of an autograph when Little Green Cars retweeted me. 

Then, the following Saturday was +Record Store Day. So Jersey Mike (he doesn't know that's his blog nickname yet. I'm sure he'll hate it) and I went to +Amoeba in Hollywood. The line for limited edition Record Store Day vinyl was ridic. Observe:

It wrapped around the corner. And this was the second line of two. Eek. 
Good thing I'm broke (is it? Is it a good thing?) and unable to buy anything in Amoeba so I could avoid that line. Another day, record player. Another day. 

The next week I...

did another juice cleanse from The Real Juice! This time I did a 3-day cleanse. I looooove the way all of these juices taste! Because I got so many questions last time I did a cleanse, I'll be posting the day by day of this one on my blog this week. Stay tuned!

Last weekend I had to take my car in, so I went to my favorite breakfast place and finally dragged a buddy with me (yay +Chris Aragon!). I've gone alone a lot and people look at you funny eating breakfast alone on a sunny Saturday morning. It was nice to have company. 

While my car was in the shop I got a loaner car that looked a little something like this: 

Actually it looked exactly like that. A two seater convertible +Mini Cooper. SEXY RIDE. I learned I wouldn't purchase one of these, which is big for me because I've always wanted one. 

They are a lot of fun for a Saturday cruising up the Pacific Coast Highway. And I look pretty good in it, at least that's what this lady told me as she flagged me down at a stop light to ask me how I liked the car. People get all chatty when you're in a drop-top. 

Later that night, back in my own car, +Chris Aragon and I went to the chartering ceremony for the Los Angeles Chapter of the University of Tulsa Alumni. They even let us sign the official document!  

Plus, they gave us plenty of free wine, beer and apps. Gotta love my alma mater. 

On Sunday Sonic and I went up to Mt. Washington to Jersey Mike's place for some swimin' and grillin'. The weather was perfect. The water was just a touch cold but not unbearable, I got in a few times. The music was gloriously appropriate, the company was jovial and the food was yummy in my bikini-ready tummy (thanks, juice cleanse).

Oh, here's the view from their place. What?!? Love.


Last (3) week(s) I learned:
1) I can make my own money! Thanks +Fiverr for boosting my confidence in my writing. 
2) Messy is actually a good look for my hair. And I think I'll start blogging about my natural hair journey. For your enjoyment and my sanity. 

This week I'm looking forward to:
1) Establishing a few new clients for my writing business
2) Going to yoga. I feel like it's been so long!



  1. YAY! I'm so glad you went to the TU thing - we have a pretty decent chapter here in Houston. I need to get move involved with them.

    And thank you for the blog shout-out. You are welcome back any time!


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