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New Tune Review - Cold War Kids, Yeah Yeah Yeahs

I apologize for the hiatus, things have been chaotic. But I'm back with a quick review of an album I'm playing repeatedly on Spotify:

Cold War Kids - Dear Miss Lonely Hearts

I like Cold War Kids, but - admittedly - I've never loved them. I'm always really in to their latest single but this is the first time I've dived into an album. It seems I picked the right one. The soothing mix of alternative rock, R&B, the unmistakeable vocals of Nathan Willett and a pinch of 80s electronica is the perfect recipe for an album full of earsnacks. 

In fact, it would be easier to tell you my least favorite songs on this album than to list my favorites. There's a clear theme to the album - much like Norah Jones' recent Little Broken Hearts. Though pretty consistent through most of the album, although I was slightly thrown off by the first track and lead single "Miracle Mile." The tempo is so upbeat and reminiscent of a drive down Wilshire on a sunny day, that it's hard to catch the lyrics full of longing and regret. 

Straight from "Miracle Mile" you hit my current favorite, "Lost That Easy." That dramatic intro! That percussive underbelly! That haunting background! It all gives me chills and makes my body sway at the same time. 

If you trapped a jazz band in a subway tunnel and forced them to only warm up for hours, you might come up with something similar to "Fear & Trembling." It might be my tender band memories coming to mind, but I love it. 

I appreciate "Tuxedos" for the lyrics and the 'I'm depressed at my high school prom" sound.

"Bitter Poem" really shows of Willett's signature voice and the lyrics ring full of truth and confusion. The crescendoing, probing ending is just about the only glimmer of hope we get in this album's storyline. 

I recommend you give it a listen!
Oh, and - in case you missed it - check out this INSANE video from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I really wasn't super impressed by first single "Sacrilege" from their upcoming album Mosquito (gasp! I know!) until I watched this crazy four minutes and three seconds. Enjoy!



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