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Juice Cleanse Day 1

Juice Cleanse Day 1

I woke up ridiculously early this morning. All last night I dreamed of drinking juice. True story. I was craving them already!

When I woke up I was HUNGRY. Clearly I did not have enough to eat yesterday. I couldn't wait to get started. 

The juices are delivered between 8 p.m. and 12 p.m. to your doorstep (if you're in The Real Juice's local delivery footprint). The box is full of ice packs to keep things chilled until you open the box and get to drinking. I stashed all the juice in my fridge and took out juices one through four to take to work with me in the super cute juice tote they supply. With a few ice packs and my reusable straw (not included) I was good to go!

First up: Fantasize. Why is it called Fantasize? Well, all The Real Juice juices are named based on how they make us feel. The sweet, tropical blend of carrot, pineapple, apple and orange juices gives the feeling of sitting poolside on a perfect day. Because it's a fruit juice, this one is a cleanser.

Second: Energize. This one is a rebuilder because is chalked full of veggies kale and cucumber as well as apple and lemon. This juice But after drinking it, you want to take on the world! It's an essential boost of nutrients. It's probably my least favorite as far as taste (what, no pineapples?), but it's still really really good!

Third: Replenish. Once I started coming down from the energy high of juice two, juice three was a welcome friend. It has a heavy beet taste but also includes apples, carrots, oranges and parsley. It reminded me of growing up when Mama would make me eat beets at dinner. I HATED beets. But she always told me that had so much nutritional value. Then I learned to read. Early. Which was completely her fault, mind you. I picked up the bottle and learned from the label that beets in a jar really aren't great for you at all. And I no longer had to eat them as part of my Sunday dinner. Win! As a grown up I realize that fresh beets do have nutritional value. Let's refer to the handy guide:

"Beets are a blood purifier and blood builder; they aid in the creation of red
blood cells. Beet juice improves blood structure and aids diseases of the
circulatory system, large intestine, and digestive system"

Mama would be proud.

Fourth: Energize. Yep, again. You know that afternoon crash most of us experience at work? This drink is the ultimate remedy for that. I didn't take a picture, because it's exactly the same as 2, except there's a 4. You get it, you're smart.

Fifth: Anti-Age. As someone pushing thirty this drink is right up my alley. It's similar to the first juice in that it contains carrot and apple. But this guy also has grapefruit, lemon and red pepper and, boy, can you taste that red pepper! It's cool, though, because at this time of day I'm craving dinner and the pepper taste tricks my tongue into thinking I'm having a meal. And I a bottle.

Sixth: Indulge. This is the sixth and final juice of the day and it is. so. yummy.
Cashews, dates, vanilla extract - it's basically a dessert! It tastes similar to a good vanilla nut milk and it's a soothing, pleasant way to wrap up day one of the cleanse.

Tonight I'm craving pizza HARD. But I'm feeling pretty good. I skipped my workout tonight as suggested in the FAQs at The Real Juice. Luckily I have no pizza to work off.



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