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Last Week in Pix + 2x2 - Long Weekend Bliss

Last week was STRESSFUL. 
Work was the normal amount of unnecessary crap.
Bad weather near my hometown was no fun at all. 
Let's just say this long weekend could not have come at a better time. 


Raise A Glass For Oklahoma! happened at SOUTH in Santa Monica. We are still waiting for the final report from the bar, but we are pretty sure we reached our goal to raise $1000 for Feed The Children in Oklahoma City. Check out the progress here: 
It was great that people were down to help out. We had amazing raffle prizes, the bar is donating 15% of the night's sales, and a lot of Oklahomies showed up, which was just wonderful. And because the more we drank the more money the bar would donate...we drank a fair amount.


Yoga did not happen. I tried really hard, but all of my donation drinking said no. 
I finally got rolling in the afternoon, packed up my stuff and Sonic and headed out to Big Bear mountain where Jersey Mike is working for a few weeks. It was a gorgeous drive and I have so many pictures! I had such a nice, relaxing time. Much needed. 
Big Bear! :)

We walked about three miles on Sunday morning. Sonic was loving it...

...until he wasn't. He was all tuckered out! 

He got his second wind, though, when we stopped to eat at a restaurant that had a doggie menu:


Here's the outside of the cabin where Jersey Mike is working:

It was crazy inside. My pictures do it no justice. 

Great views...

ornate details.

Just gorgeous.

Sonic and Jersey Mike fed the baby ducks. Well, Sonic scared them. 

Then they lounged a bit. 

Then Mike decided to take a freezing cold water.

I guess it was hard to resist:

After a much needed nap, we caught the end of the sunset:

That's a quality day in the mountains, people. 

Memorial Day! Sonic and I left Big Bear - check out how elevated we were! Above the clouds! Simply beautiful. The mountains were so majestic.

Then we hit +Sonic Drive-In on the way home. 

That's right, I found a Sonic!!! I've never been happier to consume fast food. 

Last week I learned...
...something I already knew: that Oklahomans are so very strong! People are already starting to rebuild. Even way over here on the west coast good people rally for the cause. I just love it. to get to Big Bear. I was so worried I would get lost. Thank you, Google Maps!

This week I'm looking forward to...
...freelancing a BUNCH. With Jersey Mike out of town I have zero distractions and a lot more time to pull in some extra moola.
...watching Arrested Development! I need to cancel my DirecTV, sign up for Netflix and lock myself inside until I've absorbed all of the hilarity. 

Here's hoping you had an amazing long weekend!



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