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Around Town

one thing i should explain before i really get into this post:

i am not a photographer. i hate taking pictures, i hate being in pictures, pictures in general get on my nerves. they take up space, they are hard to manage, they bring up bad memories, they are just no good.

except when trying to explain something when you're miles apart from the person you're talking to. and except when you're reading a blog and trying your best to use your imagination but all you keep thinking is 'man, i wish there was a picture of this!'

and so, because i love you, i've started taking pictures of the things i'm doing, seeing, experiencing, etc. i know nothing of cameras. i don't understand lighting or lenses. i actually don't own a camera. i used my iPhone, and most of the time the pictures look awful. but it's still something to LOOK at. all for you my lovelies, all for you.

OKAY now that that's out. i've been bouncing around town a little bit. i've seen things. horrible things! just kidding, they've been some cool things.

during a work outing we toured Paramount Studios. i learned a lot about movies and stars. it was pretty darn interesting. here is a picture of the entrance which you've probably seen before:
this is the sound stage where my favorite movies of all time were filmed. i got overly excited about this part. wondering what my fave movies of all time are? well here's a hint: they are the only movie and sequel to win best picture academy awards. cuz they're effin good is why.


still don't know? from the same movie, this picture shows the spot where Don Corleone is shot and Fredo cries like a little baby.
if you haven't figured it out yet, you should watch The Godfather parts I and II immediately. i will allow you to skip the third. it's worth seeing just to wrap the whole trilogy...but it's bad. really bad.

moving on. have you watched Community? it's a super funny show on Hulu. i think they also show it on NBC for those of you blessed with more than one television channel. we got to walk around the sound stage for that show. i couldn't take pictures inside, but it was really funny to see. it looks just like a community college. here is a picture of the outside of the library where most scenes are filmed.

we also toured the inside of former TU student Dr. Phil's show stage.

last, something for the boys. these are the cars used in CSI: Miami...i think. i kind of hit the snooze button when he started talking about cars.

pretty fun, huh?

last weekend The Man and i invited the neighbors who live downstairs to join us at The Getty Center. it's a museum just a few minutes away that has free entry. you just have to pay for parking. ($15 for parking. free entry my ass.)

here are a few pictures of the outside, which was the best part. you are so high up above the traffic and smog you actually get fresh air.
kind of sad that you have to pay fifteen bucks just to breathe clean air. that's LA.
the view from the top was really nice though. you can see the whole city.
so there you go! have your eyes had all they can take?? are they swelling up due to exhaustion? can't possibly stand to look at

okay i'll give you just one more.

look at my trouble maker of a doggie.

please note that he likes to sit outside unattended. please also note that the mat that he is sprawled all over is not our welcome mat. it's the neighbors'. the one closest to me, the green leafy one, is the mat i bought specifically for my LittlePuppySonic so that he would stop using theirs. did it work? no. does he appreciate me? no!

oh well. another sunny day in southern california.



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