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family visit

my parents visited me in LA this weekend and it was so much fun, more fun than i thought it would be.

sure i miss my parents. i hate that it now takes a round trip ticket instead of a full tank of gas to get to them. so i was definitely excited to see them. but daddy was intent on staying in the hotel room and my mother and i can only hang out for a few days before we start to annoy each other. not to mention there was a televised TU game plus Halloween events. so - though i was looking forward to it - it was shaping up to be stressful.

but it wasn't stressful. in fact, it was the complete opposite. other than being stuck in the worst traffic i've experienced so far on the way to meet them at their hotel, everything was perfect. the threat of rain was for naught: it rained late one night in such a relaxing way and then it was clear blue skies by morning. the weather was perfect the entire time. they were in vacation mode so i settled into the same pattern. i can't remember the last time i was so relaxed! two days off of work definitely played a part.

we took a celebrity homes tour with LA City Tours. we. loved. it. even daddy like it, and The Man now thinks he's an expert on celebrity homes and likes to show off all that he learned to anyone who will listen. the REAL tour guide knew a lot about his tour and was very funny. the eeriest part was seeing Michael Jackson's house. i felt my heart stop. the best part of the tour was learning who owns those two houses at the tippy top of the Hollywood hills.

mama wanted some good eats. so we ate at several of my favorite restaurants and a few new ones. A+ to Aunt Kizzy's Backporch. oh my gosh that food was amazing. the corn bread, the collard greens, the fried okra, num num num. daddy smiled so big when he got his plate of catfish. i'll definitely go back.

mama also wanted to shop. so we shopped and shopped and went to the beach and shopped. we visited three different malls, an outlet store and we found a Sam's (there aren't many in LA). i haven't been shopping for anything other than groceries in awhile. awwww retail therapy.

but all good things must come to an end. i'm always such a baby when it comes to saying goodbye and i bawled embarrassingly at the airport when i dropped them off. the whole way there i thought i was going to make it through like a grown up. but as soon as i handed them their bags the dam busted and my big Hollywood sunglasses couldn't hide the tears.

i needed that visit. it came just in time. and daddy didn't stay in his hotel room the whole time. in fact, he said he "hopes to do it again soon." success!


  1. I always teared up when my parents would leave me after visiting in Tulsa. It's nice to have a touch of home now and again. Glad you enjoyed your weekend!


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