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Schooled at the Grocery Store

November 9, 2010

i'm so frustrated with my individual pages on this blog! someday i will figure it out. today is not that day. so the things i want to share with you will be placed on the main page because i think they are so important!!

we got our refrigerator (hooray!) yesterday so that meant we had to grocery shop (boo!). but i learned so many new things that i want to share. okay, two new things.

recently we switched to almond milk. The Man would drink milk straight from the cow if he could. so he tries to undermind my milk choices any time he gets. i've been drinking soy for several years, but health news lately has been really down on soy, so i checked it out. though soy has some immediate boosts, the long term effects are not so great. taking in too much soy, especially the over processed soy beans most of us ingest, can cause thyroid problems and hormonal imbalances.

almond milk, on the contrary, is good for you. in theory. almonds are healthiest nut. so a milk made from them is healthy, right? well, almonds are also pricey. very few almonds are used to produce the almond milk found in stores. plus they stuff it full of sweeters. we buy the vanilla flavor. mmmm. super sweet. but now we don't put sugar on cereal. pick your battles.

i discovered a handy chart on this site that might help you choose if you're looking for a milk replacement. just remember to find something that offers calcium like you would find in -gasp!-actual milk. almond milk doesn't sit so well. how does your milk measure up?

another discovery: we were trying to find dog food for my Sonic puppy because he was literally on his last bowl. The Man heard that corn is used as a cheap filler in dog food and can cause problems with digestion. every dog food available was stuffed full of corn and other fillers.

then a lady who i believe was purposefully stationed in the pet isle chimed in with her opinions on pet food. apparently she is the pet food guru and held us there for twenty minutes talking about dog food. i had my heels on from work. my feet hurt. i didn't want to hear about all the options right then and there. she didn't care.

anyway we learned that dog foods in the store don't contain enough protein and that we should try to find a food with a better balance. unfortunately those food are a) not available at Ralphs and b) pricey. her suggestion was to buy puppy food because it contains more protein and to supplement with real meat, eggs and yogurt.


so all these years of teaching people not to feed dogs from the table and not to offer them 'people food' have been wrong? of course we can't feed my Sonic puppy chocolate or anything crazy like that. but the dog food we've been buying is essentially like feeding sonic granola and potato chips all day everyday. this makes me feel horrible. so the yummy meat we bought? that lucky furball gets a cut of it.

this site was really helpful with tips on how to find a food that's good for doggies. bottom line is beware of evil corn, look for protein and if you wouldn't eat it your dog probably shouldn't either.



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